Farming - Balnagown Highland Estate Luxury Retreats

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The main farming interests are all at Balnagown Estate, and this simply because it generally has much more suitable land for farming compared to Invercassley and Duchally. Indeed the south edge of much of Balnagown Estate is within the prime belt of agricultural land which runs along much of the north side of the Cromarty Firth from Invergordon towards the east coast.

There is approximately 625 acres (253ha) of land farmed in-hand and producing barley, potatoes and wheat. The barley goes for malting and is used in the production of Scotch Whiskey.

Balnagown estate also has 5 tenant farmers who together farm about 6,200 acres (2,500ha), plus several crofting tenants who farm 1,940 acres (785ha).