Sustainability - Balnagown Highland Estate Luxury Retreats

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Balnagown Estates takes its responsibilities to the environment very seriously and has a number of specific measures in place to minimise its carbon footprint. However, these measures are clearly relatively small given the minimal nature of what actually happens on a highland estate (compared to, say, a factory or large office complex) and the far more important factor to consider is the huge environmental benefit the land on a properly managed estate has. In stored carbon terms, the management and creation of forests combined with the sensitive management of wet peat lands (a major contributor to carbon storage) is very significant indeed.

The specific measures in place to minimise carbon output from activities on the estates are:

  • Closely monitoring the use of vehicles
  • Recycling household waste from the holiday properties
  • Scrap metal collected and sent to scrap yard (e.g. from farm equipment and old fencing etc.)
  • Recycling of paper and printer cartridges in the estate office
  • Use of sustainably sourced firewood from Balnagown used to heat the estate’s properties
  • New facilities at Duchally Estate for processing venison which will reduce carbon miles in the food chain (see ‘Development work at Duchally’)

Planning permission is also currently being sought for two 250kWh turbines and one 50kW turbine which will produce electricity for many of the properties on the estates and provide the national grid with surplus electricity.