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Bird watching

All three estates provide excellent bird watching and all the properties are good bases for bird watching holidays in the Northern Highlands.

At Balnagown Estate the habitat provides good bird watching of woodland species, with extensive tracks of both broadleaf and coniferous habitat. As Balnagown Estate is so close to the Cromarty Firth, there are excellent opportunities for observing waders and wildfowl, and in the summer months Ospreys can often be seen fishing over the salt waters of the firth. At nearby Tollie (near Dingwall) you can watch the daily feeding of Red Kites!

Loch Fleet National Nature Reserve is a short drive up the coast from Balnagown Estate, which is also excellent for waders, wildfowl and watching Ospreys in the summer months.

Both Invercassley and Duchally provide upland moor and rugged mountainous habitat, plus wooded glens, forest and lochs. Between both estates, there are few Highland habitats which aren’t covered and this provides a wealth of excellent bird watching, with all the species you would expect to see present across these varied habitats and the vast area of the combined two estates.

Raptors are in good numbers at both Invercassley and Duchally, with species including Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier, Peregrine Falcon and Osprey. The head stalker, who is based at a property adjacent to Duchally Lodge, has a very good knowledge of the best places to watch raptors and other birds, and is always happy to offer advice on the best places to observe specific species.

The only restriction to bird watching anywhere at Invercassley and Duchally is during the stalking season – 1st July to 15th February – but at all other times you can have complete access to the combined 26,000 acres of superb bird watching habitat on both estates!

Guide by estate:

Good bird watching on the estate for woodland species, plus close-by for waders, waterfowl, Osprey and Red Kite. All properties are an excellent base for bird watching across the Northern Highlands.

Invercassley and Duchally
Fantastic bird watching across 26,000 acres of the rugged Highlands, with all properties providing an excellent base. For those wanting a property which is set right into the wilds for bird watching and in a remote location, then look no further than Duchally Lodge.

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